Back-to-school with the Care Mobile

August 23rd, 2022 | News

Back to school brings to mind many different things including new clothes and seeing old friends, but for many children it also means a school physical and vaccinations. School physicals help identify common childhood health issues as well as provide timely age-related education on a range of health issues. Additionally, vaccines are key to preventing serious bacterial and viral diseases. Unfortunately, many children fall through the cracks when it comes to the health care system. It may be a lack of health insurance, a transportation issue, or language barriers that prevent them from seeking care in a traditional clinic.

That is where the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile comes in. The Care Mobile is in full swing with back-to-school and sports physicals, as well as immunizations for local school children that are uninsured or underserved. We are seeing many children that are new to the area that do not have a primary care provider yet and are helping them get connected for future care. We have many families who have trouble accessing the traditional system, and we assist them by making opportunities available in diverse ways. Adaptability is one of our cornerstones. Over the summer, one of our key sites was the Rockford Public School Administration Building, where many families go to register their children for school. It serves as a central location for us to connect with children from all over the district.

“This school year things are finally getting back to normal for kids, but there are still a lot of missed vaccines to catch up on from the past two years,” said Nurse Practitioner Toni Ellingson. “We’ve got to stay on top of things to keep kids healthy and reaching their goals.”


Article written by: Toni Ellingson, Nurse Practitioner, MercyHealth
The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile is a program offered jointly by RMHC-Madison and MercyHealth.