House Heroes

Be A House Hero

Some heroes fight. Other heroes help. Go further to help keep families close.

If you’ve embraced the mission of RMHC-Madison and want to go further, become a House Hero. Our enthusiastic House Heros support RMHC-Madison in three key ways:
They Give by donating. They Go volunteer. And they Show their support by posting on social media to spread the word.

Give. Go. Show. This is the power trio of support that amplifies all that we do, with our House Heroes, to help more families stay close and spread the word about our mission to others who can help.

Become A House Hero In 3 Steps

1. Give

House Heroes commit to giving $1000 or more in total annually through one-time or recurring donations.

2. Go

Go find the volunteer opportunity that’s right for you. Volunteer your time and talents individually or with a group.

3. Show

Spread the word about our mission on social media to amplify the power of your support in the community.

Use hashtags #RMHCMadison and #HouseHeroes and tag @RMHCMadison when posting on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

House Hero Recognition

We’ll recognize our House Heroes as a group during our events and on social media, as well as individually on our House Hero Wall of Fame at RMHC-Madison. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are among the true House Heroes that make all that we do for families possible.