Brewing Up Kindness

October 22nd, 2020 | News

Need a reason to celebrate? Then raise a glass to one of RMHC-Madison’s incredible corporate partners – New Glarus Brewing Company.

During this pandemic, our team has been humbled by the generosity of friends who have gone above and beyond to help our families.  They keep our spirits and mission strong, understanding many cannot right now.

Earlier this spring, with months of uncertainty ahead, New Glarus Brewing Company came forward boldly and without fanfare to ask how they could help.  Moving many of our families to the InnTowner Best Western meant we could accommodate more guests safely but was an unexpected and very real expense.  Additionally, the loss of volunteer meal groups meant soaring costs during a precarious financial landscape.

New Glarus Brewing Company committed to monthly emergency relief through 2020, allowing our team to make decisions that safely supported more families during their time of need. Though New Glarus Brewing Company is now known around the globe, it is clear their hometown roots remain strong. We cannot wait for their Tap Room to reopen so we can finally thank Daniel and Deb Carey in person. Prost!