From Calgary to Madison

October 27th, 2023 | News | Our Families

The Chaudhary Family arrived in Madison from Calgary, Canada this past July, when their daughter, Sophia (11), needed surgery. Sophia’s rare condition, Parry-Romberg Syndrome, causes one side of her face to slowly atrophy. Dr. John Siebert, from UW Health, is globally renowned in the treatment of this disorder. So, the family made the long-distance journey to put their daughter in the most capable hands.

The Chaudhary’s knew about the Ronald McDonald House from McHappy Day in Canada, but Sophia’s father, Aamir, shared, “We never thought in a million years that we would ever have to use the House.” Over 1,500 miles from home, the Ronald McDonald House eased the family’s minds during a very stressful time.

Sophia was able to stay with her family during their 11-night trip. The timing of their visit even coincided with the UW-Badger Women’s Basketball team making a meal at the House. Aamir excitedly shared that was a unique experience for the family, “Sports aren’t as [popular] in Canada, like the Badgers and Packers are here.”

In Sophia’s eyes, “RMHC-Madison is amazing!” She reflected, “I can’t believe there is really no cost to stay at such a wonderful place.” Aside from the UW Badger visit, Sophia spent a lot of time painting in the art room and enjoying fresh baked cookies made lovingly by our meal groups.

Due to her condition, Sophia will most likely need follow-up treatment over the next several years, but with the help of the UW Health team and the Ronald McDonald House, the Chaudhary Family can rest assured they have the best care and a home to come back to in Madison.

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