Hands that Serve and Hearts that Care

April 28th, 2021

Our volunteers come in all forms, each playing essential roles in providing a “home away from home” for our families. The day begins and ends with volunteers generously giving their time, compassion, encouragement, and skills. They are the heart and soul of our programs, and the pandemic provided a deep appreciation for those who give their time and talents freely to serve our families.

Thank you to all of our volunteers! We genuinely appreciate and value your commitment and support of RMHC.

Remarks from Returning Volunteers

“Gratitude is the word I associate with being an RMHC volunteer. As a volunteer, our focus is on the families. Providing a big welcome, a clean place to rest and relax as well as easy access to nourishment. When COVID-19 hit, and we could not be at the House, it felt as though I was cut off from yet another family member. Returning to the House as a volunteer was a big step. I feel gratitude for the privilege of being there to help the families in any way possible, that’s the best!” – Carolyn, House Volunteer

“Being able to return to the Ronald McDonald Family Room is a great feeling. I am very happy that I am able to help provide assistance for parents who use it.” – Janet, Family Room Volunteer

“I love being back at the Ronald McDonald House. I missed everyone… families, staff, and volunteers. The feeling of giving back again after this LONG pandemic is awesome! Even if it is only emptying trash. I have been very blessed in my life and hope that my short shift helps a little with the families dealing with sick children.”– Judy, House Volunteer

“We are happy to be back volunteering in the Ronald McDonald Family Room. To know that you give support to families who have the tiniest patients with such great needs. Volunteering is a way of life that we are proud to be part of.” – Jim & Helen, Family Room Volunteers

“For me, volunteering weekly brings a sense of routine and normality to my life, in a year (and counting) where so many things have been disrupted. I look forward to seeing the families, and to getting back to a routine – and seeing my co-volunteers again! My co-volunteer Hannah and I have shared a shift for three years. It will be great to share a shift again.” – Christine, House Volunteer


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