Hope in the Midst of Crisis

April 24th, 2020 | News

Henry Ford once said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.” For sure, the more you focus on the obstacles, the more petrified you can become until you are incapacitated and unable to fulfill your mission.

Obstacles can be anything that appear to threaten our goal or mission. They can sometimes be treacherous and imposing – like an economic recession or the consequences wrought from a global pandemic. At other times, they appear far more terrifying than they actually are – like believing such treacherous and imposing obstacles also wield the power to destroy the human spirit. I don’t believe they do. Do you?

No. You don’t.

How do I know this? Because, dear friend, you are reading this article in the RMHC-Madison Spring 2020 newsletter. You receive this newsletter and read it because you believe in the mission of RMHC. You’ve felt the economic pinch, the escalating fear, the deep sadness at the loss of life because of this pandemic. And yet you are still reading this article. See, I don’t believe you’re reading this to try and find hope in the midst of this crisis. I believe you’re reading this because you have hope in the midst of this crisis, and you know that the mission of this organization embodies that hope.

The volunteers, donors, board of directors, and staff of RMHC-Madison embrace and embody the hope of our mission to provide the very best loving care and support to the families we serve. A pandemic cannot infect that mission, or the hope and love brought to life in the human spirit by people like you. Even as I type this, our mission continues, we’re moving forward together, joining hands with our community to support our families. Eventually, this pandemic will be conquered, but the mission of RMHC-Madison and its supporters will not.

So, thank you for believing in this beautiful and very powerful mission. There is no end to the possibilities for how we can support our families in any and every situation. The mission lives on, and it’s you who bring it to life!


By Kevin Huddleston, Executive Director