Hohl Wuest Hope Park

Big Dreams Come True

It’s hard to imagine there could be more to celebrate than the recent expansion of our beautiful House, but there is! While the campaign was in motion, we had an opportunity to create a large green space in the lot adjacent to the House by purchasing the building next door.

The defining mission at RMHC-Madison is to help families during their time of struggle. Providing comfort, compassion and care for families who have children receiving intensive medical treatment is at the core of who we are and what we do.  We exist so families can get better together.

Each day we are bolstered by the strength, courage, and joy we see in our guest families.  Their resilience gives us hope. Having a space to relax and regenerate is a simple, yet powerful gift we can give these families in return.

On September 27, 2020, we officially unveiled Hohl Wuest Hope Park, a versatile area for play and relaxation exclusively for our RMHC guest families. It features an expansive playground, Sport Court, benches and ADA table, plenty of grass for play, and a lovely garden with a water feature to relax after a trying day!

Hohl Family Ribbon Cutting – September 27, 2020


A Special Thanks

We are especially grateful for these two families whose love for the mission of RMHC helped make this dream a reality for our families.

Dennis and Linda Hohl

Mike and Julie Wuest

In the words of American clinical psychologist and writer, Kay Redfield Jamison, “Children need the freedom & time to play.  Play is not a luxury.  Play is a necessity.” 

When families spend time at the Ronald McDonald House in Madison, they are often experiencing a time of uncertainty and vulnerability… as they seek medical treatment for their child and/or children. It may very well prove to be a time of emotional as well as physical and mental stress… which affects all members of the family.

A “prescription for play” is never more important than in those circumstances… not only for the child/children receiving medical intervention but for their siblings as well.

Just as we love to watch the joy on the faces of our own grandchildren when they can experience the fun of an outdoor playset, we humbly hope this playground provides an opportunity for families to perhaps alleviate a bit of that stress… through the power of play.
❤️ Mike & Julie Wuest