Inspirational nine-year-old holds supply drive for those in need

July 7th, 2022 | News

In January 2022, Phoenix, an inspirational nine-year-old and humanitarian heard about the tornado that hit Kentucky. After learning about all the loss that both children and adults had suddenly experienced and talking with her mom about how a community must feel after being faced with such a big disaster, Phoenix knew she wanted to help in some way.

She took action! With the help of her fellow Girl Scouts in Troop 9110, Phoenix organized and led a supply drive. To distribute the collected donations, she partnered with a business in downtown Clinton, Wisconsin that drove supply trucks to a church in Kentucky every few weeks. She had a great plan; her troop would collect supplies for three weeks and then they would work together to load the donations into the truck.

However, shortly after the supply drive was done, Phoenix and her parents found out that the church was no longer accepting supplies. Instead, they were now asking for volunteers to help rebuild the community. Now Phoenix had to find another organization or charity in need of the supplies.

That is when Phoenix thought of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Madison. Phoenix and her Girl Scout Troop had toured the House earlier in the year and donated 217 boxes of Girl Scout cookies for the families staying there. “Phoenix was so touched by the mission and everything [the House does] for all the families in need that this is where she wanted the supplies to go,” said Phoenix’s mom Tanya.

Phoenix and her parents delivered a car full of non-perishable food, paper goods, and personal care items to help care for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Phoenix, with her heart of gold, said that she felt so good after dropping off all the donations that her and her troop collected that she wants to organize an annual supply drive for the House.

This is just the start of Phoenix’s humanitarian journey. Since she dropped off the donation to the Ronald McDonald House, she and her classmates have also organized a fundraiser at their elementary school. The families staying at the House and the team of employees and volunteers are so grateful for Phoenix’s kindness and are looking forward to her future supply drives. Thank you, Phoenix!