Magical Moments: Coming Together to Help our Families

August 19th, 2021 | News

There are moments in life that catch your breath. A realization that you are part of something much larger than yourself. That something – an evening to be exact – truly makes a profound difference for others when they need it most. The feeling is simply, magical.

Those were sentiments echoed days after the inaugural Red Shoe Soirée, a new addition to the 32nd Annual RMHC-Madison Golf Classic. Last year, the golf outing program was canceled due to COVID restrictions. As our largest annual fundraiser, revenue raised during this event is critical to meet the needs of our three core programs.

As planning began for the 2021 event, the committee strived to be pandemic proof. The Red Shoe Soirée was born, which moved the fundraising program to the evening before the golf outing on the patio of Nakoma Golf Club.

There were plenty of surprises to make lasting memories. Raindrops, followed by a stunning sunset. Blistering heat suddenly gave way to a temperate evening. A visit by Ronald McDonald. A mother’s inspiring words about her family’s journey. A heart-warming pop song by 10-year-old Ella Hunt. New faces and familiar friends. Unbelievable generosity. A birthday celebration – complete with the prettiest princess cake and cheers by Ronald and guests – for a young girl who has defied odds with grace, laughter, and a tremendous spirit.

Through sponsorships, golfer registrations, and the Red Shoe Soirée live auction, silent auction, and live appeal, more than $200,000 has been raised to-date for this annual fundraiser. This far exceeded our expectations and we are beyond humbled, appreciating there is nothing easy about raising money during a pandemic. An outpouring of support from sponsors, golfers and guests who recognized that our mission is critical every day, but especially now. Medical crises are never planned. The pandemic rages on. Yet RMHC-Madison provides a safe and comforting oasis for families to stay together and heal as they are caring for their child.

Those blue skies gave way to thunderstorms Sunday evening and there was no way to play through the ponds of water on the course. The golf outing has been rescheduled for September 27, 2021, and all foursomes have confirmed they will be there, ready to continue the momentum of this great mission!

We are truly indebted to our RMHC-Madison community, whether they have been with us since the beginning or are just starting to learn what makes this House a “Home.” There is simply no greater time to come together to “jump into the fishbowl” of support as Erica Hunt so eloquently described.

There is still much work to be done this year, but we are buoyed by this magical evening which not only reinforced our purpose but solidified how grateful we are for this incredible community. Thank you!