Optimism Blooms this Spring at Hope Park

May 25th, 2021 | News

Hope Park was made possible by the momentum and vision of the Building on Hope campaign. The unveiling of this beautiful green space during a pandemic was intentional. We knew families needed a space to relax and reenergize, and the opening was a sign that good times were still ahead.

For some families, a visit to RMHC-Madison lasts a few days. Yet for many, this home-away-from-home becomes their respite for months or over the course of years. Their normal becomes something quite different. Having this playful, relaxing park is a simple, yet powerful gift we can give families in return.

Watching children, like Alexander, light up as they discover a playful space, they can call their own, brings smiles to our faces. As the gardens begin to bloom this spring, we are thankful to the volunteers and donors who continue to bring this space to life. Through continued donations of Heart Wall tiles, we provide inspiration and respite when it is needed most.

Hope Park is a symbol of goodness on so many levels. Thank you for helping us make this dream become a reality.