Partnership Provides Artistic Outlet for Families

December 13th, 2022 | News

The art room at the Ronald McDonald House has come to life over the last few months thanks to a recent partnership with Edgewood College’s Art Therapy Department. This space has always been a wonderful spot for families to create beautiful self-led artwork, but now there are even more opportunities for creativity to bloom.

Madeline Titera, a junior Art Therapy major at Edgewood College, has served as an art therapy intern this semester. Her passion for working with families was evident each Saturday as she offered in-person projects and throughout the week as she left open-ended projects that inspired participation and helped make connections for all those in the House. We wish Madeline all the best as she wraps up her internship with RMHC-Madison and thank her for her support of our families. We will miss her kindness and creativity.

This partnership will continue next semester as we welcome, Brigid Jurgens. Brigid is a senior Art Therapy major who will be doing her senior internship from mid-January through April. She will build on the successes that Madeline had while devoting 12 hours each week to RMHC-Madison.

We are thrilled to be working with our partners at Edgewood College to help foster a sense of beauty, expression, and community that extends far beyond the art room.