Prairie Elementary School is pulling for the House

July 16th, 2020 | News

Prairie Elementary School students, families, and staff have embraced the opportunity to “pull together” by collecting aluminum can pull tabs to support the Ronald McDonald House throughout the last nine years.

In 2012, Prairie Elementary collected its first million tabs, earning them a visit from the one and only Ronald McDonald. In 2016, they exceeded their 2nd million in pull tabs equaling over a $420 donation. In a pinnacle celebration, Prairie Elementary has surpassed its 3rd million in pull tabs as of June 2020. Over the past 9 years, it is estimated that Prairie Elementary families have donated around 1 ton (3.2 million) pull tabs to the Ronald McDonald House, equating to a financial donation of over $1,300.

Now, Prairie Elementary plans to begin their collection to reach 4 million pull tabs. Their longstanding commitment to the House and pull tab program is the perfect example of what it means to “pull together.” We appreciate the students, staff, and families of Prairie Elementary a TON!

Learn more about the Pull Tab Program.