RMHC Global: Celebrating 50 Years of Continuum Care

January 23rd, 2024 | News

In 2023, RMHC-Madison celebrated its 30th anniversary paying tribute to the families, volunteers, and benefactors who played a role in our rich history. From visionaries who put the first shovel in the ground, to friends who offered their time and treasure, and most especially to families who inspired us daily, you are all woven into this mission.

Yet others began this journey before seeds were planted in Madison. Their dreams and accomplishments helped shape our story. So, this year, we join chapters worldwide to celebrate 50 years of our global mission.

Why was RMHC created? After recognizing the need for parents to stay close to their hospitalized child, RMHC was created to play a unique role in the healthcare journey. As RMHC opened more programs around the world, it became clear that caring for the family of a sick child was as important as caring for the child. 50 years later, RMHC has helped provide essential services to strengthen families and remove barriers to healthcare.

When was RMHC founded? From the first Ronald McDonald House program that opened in Philadelphia, RMHC now has 690+ programs around the world. Our chapter joined this incredible system in May 1993 when we opened our first Ronald McDonald House in Madison. Since then, we have welcomed the Ronald McDonald Family Room at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital-Madison and the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile into our organization.

Who have we supported? Since its inception, RMHC has cared for families with children who are sick along their healthcare journey. Over the past 50 years, RMHC as a worldwide organization has supported tens of millions of families across 62 countries & regions. At RMHC-Madison, we serve nearly 2,000 families each year through our combined programs.

In the months ahead, be on the lookout as we celebrate and share heartfelt stories about how our local chapter – and those worldwide – have supported families across the decades.

From our House to yours, thank you for helping us keep our doors widely open.