Thank you, Julie!

October 27th, 2023 | News

New Beginnings Bring Sunshine and Daisies

It was bittersweet when Julie Mascitti, administrative assistant, announced she was retiring after 11 years with the organization. Friends, family, former colleagues, and staff gathered on the back patio to celebrate her much-deserved milestone. The large crowd was truly a testament to the warmth she brought to the mission and to those in her life.

Julie joined RMHC-Madison in 2012 when the House was merely 18 guest rooms and record-keeping was paper-filed. Over the years, Julie had a front row seat watching the organization flourish into what it has become today. While she was thrilled to go paperless and embraced new database changes, some of her happiest moments stemmed from helping guest families. In particular, with a family that had just moved to the United States. With one child in the hospital and three older children temporarily enrolled in a local Madison school, Julie routinely walked them back and forth to campus each day so the parents could spend more time at the hospital with their sibling. Julie reflects, “That privilege will be in my heart for a very long time.”

For those close to Julie, you know her eyes light up and she’s filled with pride as she talks about her husband, Jason, and their sons Evan and Marco, and his partner, Dacia. She fittingly spent the weekend after her final full day at RMHC with the five of them together. Evan and Marco shared sentiments surrounding her retirement saying, “We are so proud of our mom’s work. And we are also thrilled for her new beginnings!”

Thank you, Julie—for everything. To new beginnings, sunshine, and daisies!

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