Welcome Maddie Titera!

October 28th, 2022 | News

Maddie Titera – Art Intern

Hello! I’m Madeline Titera, and I am thrilled to be spending time as the art intern at the Ronald McDonald House during my fall semester. I am an art therapy student at Edgewood College in Madison. A requirement for my junior year as an art therapy student is a practicum experience, which is what brought me here! Apart from enjoying art, I love learning, coffee, movies, sweaters, crocheting, all kinds of music, the outdoors, family and friends, and good food. There is so much more I enjoy about life, but I am focused on getting my degree, and making a positive impact in the world.

Many people wonder, “what is art therapy?” and I’m happy to answer! Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach that encourages self-expression through media and methods that involve more than just speech. The artistic process itself is cathartic but combined with a licensed professional who can aid in the process and create experiences that are meant to prompt new insights to life challenges, there is even more possibility for growth. Art therapy offers a new approach to therapy that involves the subconscious and the ability to use the basic human nature of creation to support clients and their needs. To sum it up, art is amazing and can help everyone!