A community of support for the Gerth family

February 22nd, 2023

Like most new parents, Tracy was expecting to take her twins home a few days after being born at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison. However, complications meant that they needed to stay in Madison for longer than anticipated. Following the births of twins Vivienne and Graham, Tracy and her husband spent a month at the Ronald McDonald Family Room. Staying in the Ronald McDonald Family Room at the hospital made the trips to and from the NICU much easier. Tracy and her husband were able to stay late at the hospital, get up early and go back to the NICU.

“It was amazing to be so close to them in the NICU, and it helped make the twins’ time in the hospital a little less stressful,” said Tracy.

Once Vivienne was able to leave the NICU, the Gerth family stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Madison for three weeks while Graham was still receiving treatment in the NICU.

“RMHC-Madison was an amazing resource for us. Having access to meals, grab-and-go food, and laundry was such a time and money saver. We loved that the House was a comfortable and easy place to stay and truly felt like a home,” Tracy said.

Tracy’s favorite memory at the House was sitting in the dining room and speaking with the other parents who were staying there. She made friends and was able to give and receive support from people who could understand what her family was going through.

“It helped us feel less alone and it was the first time I felt a sense of community around the experience,” Tracy said.

After seven weeks of stressful nights in the hospital, Vivienne and Graham were able to go home. The twins are now doing wonderfully! Tracy, Grandma, Vivienne, and Graham recently came back to Madison and stopped by the House to say hello and drop off some pull tabs and wish list items.

Thank you, Gerth family, for visiting and giving back to the other families staying in the House!